Pianist, composer, and arranger Mateo Gloistein, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, formed SoulFuego in 2006 and the band has been captivating audiences ever since. SoulFuego plays music that is rhythmic and high-energy, a blend of Latin jazz, funk and soul, inspired by the dance rhythms of Cuba and Puerto Rico. The group’s repertoire includes original compositions and unique arrangements of standards with lyrics in Spanish and English.

The players with SoulFuego perform nationally and internationally, as well as each being a vital part of the Philadelphia music scene.

Performing with SoulFuego are: Mateo Gloistein, piano; Rene Ginett, vocals; Giovana Robinson, vocals; Crystal Torres, trumpet; Lynn Riley, saxophone; Kimbal Brown, trumpet; Tim Thompson, trumpet; Leon Jordan Jr., trumpet; Ernest Stuart, trombone; Larry Toft, trombone; Darryl Yokley, saxophone; Rob Swanson, bass; Rubin Edwards, bass; Rob Hagopian, bass; Terry Tyler, bass; Dominique Thomas, percussion; Josh Robinson, percussion; Alex Shaw, percussion; Joe Truglio, drums; Harry “Butch” Reed, drums; Francois Zayas, drums